Perfect Eggs Every Time!

  • Hard Boiled

    To hard boil perfect eggs, add 2 tablespoons white vinegar to every quart of water you use. You will not have as many eggs that crack. And, peeling will be quick and smooth. Making eggs for Red Beet Eggs, (click for recipe) deviled eggs. or Easter egg coloring will be delightful.

  • My purpose is to give you information, not to sell vinegar! So if you choose to have perfect hard boiled eggs without using vinegar, check out this site.

    The writer has found that starting the eggs and water at the same temperature also produces perfectly-cooked eggs.

    I still think it is easier to just add vinegar to the water, but you may want to try the temperature method to see what you think.

  • Poached

    You probably know that the older eggs are, the more they will spread out when cracked open in a pan.

    Do you also know that you can add several drops of vinegar to the water when poaching eggs? The acid of the vinegar will help the proteins of the eggs to coagulate. So the egg whites will not spread as much.

  • Meringue

    To make fluffy meringue that is perfect every time, add a teaspoon of white vinegar for every three egg whites used.

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