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Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking

The Pennsylvania Dutch today are descendants from German-speaking immigrants.

The "Dutch" does not mean they are Dutch people from the Netherlands. Rather, the German word for German is "Deutsch." So they are really Pennsylvania Germans or Deutsch who somehow ended up being called Pennsylvania Dutch! Read about PA Dutch History

And they like to cook and eat!

Their recipes are like their farming lifestyle--simple, plain, and hearty.

Many recipes have been passed down from mother to daughter, either by word of mouth or handwritten recipes on paper scraps such as the backs of torn-off calendar pages. Ingredients might be measured by "handfuls", "pinches", "enough to sweeten", or "salt to taste".

I grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and my heritage is Pennsylvania Dutch. Most of these recipes using vinegar are from my mother's worn and stained recipe cards with her own adaptations.

So, "Koom essa." Or, "Come eat". This is how you would be invited to a Pennsylvania Dutch meal where there is plenty of good food!

Look for

that are sprinkled throughout the recipe pages.

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