Choosing the Vinegar You Need

This website is focusing on the three most common vinegars: apple cider, white distilled, and balsamic. You may already have them in your kitchen cupboard.

All three are about as old as the hills. The word itself comes from a French word vinalgre, meaning sour wine.

We love this ingredient because it is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, economical, and all natural. It is an important ingredient in a healthy diet.

Not much has changed in the way it is made or used. The difference is that now we have a new variety of flavors and uses available.

You may be confused as to which one to choose. But that answer is fairly easy. Just think of how you want to use it!

They are sometimes interchangeable, but often are not. Learn to recognize their differences so that you are not disappointed in the result of the choice you make!

Check out for types of vinegar that are good for cooking and making pickles from the viewpoint of a Malaysian cook!

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