What could you do with a bottle of vinegar that costs just $2.19?

Well, you could make an easy crock pot recipe using vinegar for Lazy Day Sweet-Sour Pork . . . or a healthy, slimming Company's Coming Beef Stroganoff.

Or, how about a Spinach-Chicken-Cranberry Salad, or a refreshing, Creamy Cucumber Salad . . ..

Would you like to try Pennsylvania Dutch Hot Bacon Dressing with a tasty side dish of dandelion greens? Have you heard of Old-fashioned Raisin Pie?

All the recipes you will find on this website have vinegar as a common ingredient. It's healthy, easy, and budget friendly. Yes, vinegar-delicious!

But, as you know, things don't always go exactly right as you're cooking or baking.

The meat's tough . . . vegetables are wilted . . . you added too much salt--or too much sugar . . . you're out of eggs and you need them for the cake . . . you forgot to pick up buttermilk . . . the rice is sticky . . . you burned the pot roast . . .

Don't despair This site has tips on how vinegar can come to your rescue. Your home cooking can be vinegar-delicious, after all!

You will also learn how to adapt some of your favorite, time-consuming recipes for easy, slow cooker recipes. You know, the ones that hit you with their delicious, welcoming aroma as you walk in the door . . . and you know that dinner's ready!

Next time you're at the supermarket, you may want to stock up on budget-friendly-vinegar!


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