Meat And Fish Tips Using Vinegar

You can follow meat and fish tips using vinegar to make your cooking easy, budget friendly, and successful.

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  • Use vinegar as a meat tenderizer, as it breaks down meat fibers. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to water when cooking inexpensive meat for stews.

  • You can also soak meat in vinegar overnight. Tough meat will be tender enough to cut with a fork!

  • You can improve the flavor of game (venison, rabbit, etc) by soaking it for several hours before cooking. Use a mixture of half water and half vinegar.

    Fish, Seafood

  • Scaling a fish is easier if vinegar is rubbed on the scales. Wait five minutes before scaling the fish.

  • The acid in vinegar can tenderize the muscle fiber in lobster, oysters, salmon, and other. Soak them in vinegar for at least several hours, even overnight.

  • You can bring out the flavor of fish by adding a few drops of white vinegar to it.

  • Even if the marinade is made with vinegar (acid-based), you still need to marinate fish in the refrigerator. Otherwise bacteria can grow on the fish. And when you are finished, throw out the marinade! Never baste already-cooked food with marinade you used on raw fish.

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