Dessert Tips

Vinegar dessert tips can rescue you from a dry cake, lumpy icing, and watery jello!

Moist Cake

Add a tablespoon of vinegar to the dry ingredients of a cake mix. Your cake will be transformed into a moist, may-I-have-another-piece dessert.

And you may be asked for the recipe of your "homemade" cake.

Smooth, Shiny, Creamy Icing

Add several drops of white vinegar to icing while beating. Your icing will be smooth, shiny, and creamy.

Firm Jello

Add 1 teaspoon of white distilled vinegar to a box of gelatin. It will help the jello in salads and molds to hold up even in hot weather.

  • I found a historic jello mold recipe that uses vinegar as an ingredient. It is Olive Relish from Bright Spots For Wartime Meals - 66 Ration-Wise Recipes, 1944. You can view it at

  • Jello trivia: Take a minute to guess which four flavors were the original jello flavors. Then check your answer at

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