Adapting Macaroni and Rice for Crock Pots

Macaroni and Rice

There are several things to remember when adapting macaroni and rice for crock pots.

  • Are you using a recipe with cooked noodles or macaroni? Cook just until tender. Then add during the last hour of cooking time. Otherwise, the noodles and macaroni will break down and become mush and fall apart.

  • Same with rice. If the conventional recipe calls for cooked rice, cook it first until tender.

    But if you prefer to add raw rice to the crock pot, add one cup extra liquid for every cup of rice. Or, if you need to 1/2 cup of rice, then you add 1/2 cup of liquid.

  • Long grain rice seems to do better in slow cooking than any other kind of rice. Plus, it's healthy!

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    How Much?

    Does it matter how much food you put in a crock pot?

  • A crock pot should be half full but not more than 2/3 full. You can easily make it more--or less. Just add--or take away--vegetables.

    Or, maybe you will need to cut the entire conventional recipe in half--or double it. Just think how easy tomorrow's dinner will be if you have leftovers tonight!

  • You can buy a crock pot in many different sizes. The best size for a family of 4 or 5 is a 5-6 quart size.

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