Choosing Vinegars in Different Recipes

I am a housewife, and I chose this designation after I got married because of my passion for cooking. Whether day or night, I love cooking and serving delicious and appetizing meals to my family. I have a large stack of recipes collected from different books and cooking shows and I have also created a few on my own. My fervor for cooking developed in a young age because of my grandmother, Nana.

When I was a child, Nana was the most intriguing woman for me as she cooked the most delectable dishes. I would ask for chocolate cookies in the shape of dolls with colored icing, and Nana would serve me with soft, warm, doll cookies within an hour. My fondness for Nana made me inseparable from her, and I began learning cooking and baking from my beloved grandmother.

She taught me how to bake exquisite cakes and pies, along with soups and pot roasts. She also gave me tips and tricks for cooking. One of her secret ingredients for creating perfect meals was vinegar. Nana told me that vinegar was a savior if an ingredient or two were missing in a recipe! Its use was versatile. It can be used for many purposes: cooking, cleaning, hair care, homemade beauty recipes, and even baking! From salads, to mouthwatering grilled chicken - each of my homemade meals has the common ingredient of vinegar in it.

The most common vinegars used in most households are apple cider vinegar, white distilled vinegar, and balsamic vinegar. I make sure to stock my kitchen cabinets with these vinegars for cooking and other household activities. Just like Nana, vinegar is my best friend in the kitchen as it is a natural and economical ingredient for the healthy diet of my family!

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