Christian Resources

You may be looking for a collection of Christian Resources for effective Bible teaching and learning. This one includes Adult Ministries all the way down to Early Childhood Ministries.

Teach The Bible To Change Lives

FREE! Package of Teaching Helps.

Also--not free--but maybe just what you need: Tools for sharpening your teaching ministry with methods proven effective. You will receive step-by-step guidance on how to create and deliver life-changing lessons. Find all of this here.

Basics of Bible Worship

Jim Williams has created this e-book to teach us about the heart attitude of worship that God seeks.


Bible Study For Knitters

Some ladies who enjoyed knitting made the product they wanted to buy but couldn't find. Read more about the Bible study where you may forget to stop!


Read The Word, The Bible Was Written For You

Matt Tague has written a guide for understanding the many different types of writing in the Bible and how to interpret them.

If you have ever seen Night at the Museum, where characters from history jump out of the dusty displays and into reality, then Tague's book can do the same for your interest in reading the most fascinating and action-packed book of all time, the Bible. This e-book is clear, balanced, and definitely fun to read.

Teen Life Ministries

FREEBIES for youth workers . . . free weekly tips to maximize your youth ministry.

Also--not free--but again, maybe just what you need: Lessons ready to use, with outlines, handouts, small group discussion sheets, and Power Point presentations. See more here.

Gospel Magic

Gospel Magic is the art of illustrating the Christian message using simple magic tricks and illusions as visual aids.

You will be absolutely delighted at how fast you can get everyone's attention (and keep it) using Gospel Magic. This is not an illusion, you really can check this out!!

Preschool Secrets

Improve the effectiveness of your early childhood ministry by next Sunday! You don't have to "just" babysit. You can make sure every child has multiple opportunities to understand the Biblical truth you are teaching that day.

Three FREE bonuses!

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